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Corporate donors don’t just appear. Let us find them

Take your charitable fundraising to new heights with Outstation, your ally in accelerating donor connections. Gain new corporate partnerships. Secure meaningful commitments. All with unmatched ease and precision.

Your Cause, Their Passion

Identifying potential donors, becomes effortless with Outstation. Our platform uses AI to pin-point corporations and individuals who align with your cause, then crafts personalised messages that articulate why partnering with your charity is their meaningful next move.

Next Level Donor Relations

Maintaining rewarding, enduring relationships with your donors has never been this stress-free. Our tailored communication not only attracts potential donors but keeps existing ones engaged, fostering lasting partnerships based on purpose and impact.

Unearth Potential in Data

Outstation’s pioneering approach dives into the data, uncovering potential corporations and individuals with a vested interest in supporting your cause. Connect with corporates ready to take the next philanthropic step with your organisation.

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